“Pattern is everywhere,
it’s just waiting to happen.”
— Andrea Sella


We’ve loved them both since the beginning and they had, until now, co-existed quietly; siblings living in separate states. But once, with the whites of 2018, just to see what might happen, and because the very first wines I loved were an exploration of the interplay between roussanne and chardonnay, we let them on the blending table together. And they fell in love.

Now, we’re not really supposed to allow this — we all know the trouble with inbreeding — but love is love and there was a portion of roussanne raised in the sun-drenched vineyards of California that couldn’t live without a ration of chardonnay from cool and rainy Oregon. And so we let them wed. Or, really, I thought at first, I’d let them elope. “We’re just going to call it roussanne,” I winked. “No one has to know that it’s half chardonnay.”

You know this about me by now — I’m mostly always a chicken. Sometimes I can recognize a good idea right away, but I’m almost always nervous first. Real handwringer. It took a couple of walks in the woods to think about it clearly. When something beautiful and surprising reveals itself, when the Brocken bow casts your shadow, now enormous, on the clouds, you don’t back away afraid. You stay there for a while. For us, with these wines, four years now, and counting….

the Glories is something new entirely, a celebration of this love affair; the little thing we’d been waiting for. Happening.