the Glories | no.01 and no.02


2018 the Glories no.01

55% Oregon chardonnay | 45% California roussanne

The most explosively aromatic of the wines in this series, the Glories no.01 is scented with honeysuckle and lily-of-the-valley along with the tangerine and lime rind that follow pungently on a palate reminiscent the chlorophyllic sappiness of winter sprout oolong; it presents with both textural complexity and glycerol-richness along with a remarkable sense of transparency.


2019 the Glories no.02

69% Oregon chardonnay | 31% California roussanne

Quince, muskmelon, honeysuckle, and heliotrope generously and decadently scent the Glories no.02 which exhibits a correspondingly lush palate and inner perfume. The roussanne in this version was dried in small baskets for two weeks prior to pressing, increasing the density, elevating the sweetness and concentrating the acids, giving it an almost confectionary finish as well as incredible freshness and lift.